Birth of an Idea


Frustration breeds innovation.

At least it did in this case, and that's where our story starts.

At an NHL game in Winnipeg, one of our founders had 10 bucks burning a hole in his pocket and the 50/50 pot was growing. So he went hunting for tickets. After what seemed like an eternity (it must have been a good 5 – 10 seconds!), frazzled and frustrated with no help in sight, he wondered: “Why can’t I buy a raffle ticket on my phone?”


He then imagined away the third period dreaming of the impact felt by charities benefiting from the 50/50 draw, if everyone at home watching or listening could buy a ticket.

That was the day Funding Change was born.

We're keenly aware that non-profit organizations have really important work to do changing lives. That’s why we believe they should spend more time putting the funds they’ve raised to work, rather than working to raise more funds! And we’re really passionate about seeing our world become a better place too. That’s why we devote a portion of our profits back into community projects and organizations that are making a difference.

We’re introducing a new “old” way to fundraise that we hope changes the face of the fundraising world.

Meet the Founders


Nicholas - CFO

A numbers guy who lives "out of the box"


Ian - CEO

Loves good ideas and great people


Dan - CTO

Tech wiz who loves to solve problems


Ideas are worthless until they're paired with a little know-how, hard work, and surrounded by talented people.

So when Ian had the idea, he called Nick.

Nick has an entrepreneurial spirit, great insight into all things financial, and carries a passion to architect a great working environment for the staff.

Dan grew up with Nick in Portage. When Nick called him and he heard that he could use his super powers to help non profits succeed, he traded his role as software consultant in the e-health world to engineer a web platform that is the first of its kind in Canada.

And Ian? An online marketing consultant in the non-profit world for years, he understands the unique challenges non-profits face in doing important work with limited resources. And just like the rest of the FC gang, he's passionate about helping non-profits raise money faster and easier, so that they can focus on changing the world.