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Raffles for the 21st century


Reach Further

Leverage email and social media to supercharge your raffle sales and gain exposure for your cause.


Do Less Work

Simplify your application process, financial tracking, and oversee your raffle through our easy to use dashboard.


Raise More Funds

With your raffle page only a click away and a simple purchasing process, it is easier than ever for your fans to support your cause. 


Case Study

CancerCare Manitoba


Is your organization like CancerCare Manitoba? A nonprofit with a mission to help the community? 

CancerCare Manitoba broke our record for largest jackpot EVER with $86,635.00! This organization leveraged email marketing, creative social media posts, and emotive digital advertisements.  Explore our keys to success and key lessons to learn more about the CancerCare Manitoba Progressive Raffle. 

Dauphin Countryfest

Is your organization like Dauphin Country Fest? An event or festival raising money for a good cause? 

Dauphin utilized our raffle sales units to sell tickets at the event, providing live updates, sales tracking, and a boost in sales. The raffle broke long-standing raffle records and produced a total pot size of $146,275.00!  Explore our keys to success and key lessons to learn more about the Dauphin CountryFest Daily 50/50 Raffle.

Oak Park Safe Grad 2017


Is your organization like Oak Park Secondary School? A small school or club looking to raise extra money? 

This school raised $6,265.00 in just ONE month and reached a total jackpot of $9,315.00! They utilized emails, social media, and community support to grow their profits. You don't need to work extra hard to raise extra funds!  Explore their course of action to learn how you can raise funds this fast and easy. 


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