Hockey Parents: Discover Our Seriously Simple Way To Fundraise


As hockey season approaches, parents are preparing for early mornings, long drives, and shivering in arena stands. But there is one thing about hockey season parents never want to prepare for...


It's mentioned at the first meeting of every season, sending a chill down spines (like no frigid arena seat ever could) and producing a collective groan amongst parents.


It's enough to make parents want to pull their hair out AND pull their kid(s) out of hockey.


It's laborious, frustrating, and fast approaching.


So what's a hockey parent to do?

Keep your hair, your sanity, and your kid(s) in hockey - because Hockey Manitoba and Funding Change have got a solution for YOU this season.

Hockey Manitoba is launching a unique team fundraising program, using FundingChange's online platform. This program is tailored specifically to allow each team to fundraise for themselves, contribute to the collective league, and work together to raise an incredible JackPot. It is free to teams and seriously simple to fundraise online.

Look no further to fundraise for your hockey team this season.

Hockey Manitoba Team Fundraising Program

The Idea:

One BIG online raffle where every team in the province gets a unique link to sell tickets through. That's it.

Sign up is FREE and simple.

Share your team's unique link to inspire sales and earn back 40% of what you sell.

The program has monthly mini-pots to win, and one ever-growing jackpot to win BIG. Buy into each monthly pot for more chances to win and increase your odds of winning the big one!


The raffle will run from October until February, with team payments occurring at the end of each two month period (December and March). Teams will receive funds electronically to their team accounts, helping to combat ice fees and travel costs for the season.

Download the Hockey Manitoba Team Fundraising Program PDF for more info and tips to help you raise money this season.

It's Seriously Simple Fundraising For Your Team!

Then sign-up here for alert emails. We can notify you when the program is launched, and give you Cash & Raffle Alerts, Fundraising Ideas & Insights, and/or The Hockey Manitoba Team Fundraising Program.

Instant email notifications will give your team the edge you need to get the puck sliding faster!


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We want to help you help athletes.

You're the driver, the nutritionist, the doctor, the coach, the trainer, the therapist, and the number 1 fan. You shouldn't have to be the sponsor too.

Fundraise faster and easier with Funding Change, so you can get back to being the driver, nutritionist, doctor, coach, trainer, therapist, and number 1 fan.