Funding Change Quick Start Guide


Numbered tickets stapled together in printed books may one day be looked at as an artifact in the Museum of Fundraising History. With Funding Change, you can make the challenges of running a raffle history, too.

Take your raffle online, where there are no ticket books to be printed, passed around and tracked and no worrying about collecting the cash.

Funding Change online raffles can be shared over social media channels, by text message or with an email list. Supporters can easily purchase tickets on their computer, tablet or smartphone. Every sale is tracked, draws are performed securely and random results are ensured with a click of a button.

Our online raffle system means far less administration work for you, more exposure for your raffle and your organization and the good they do. Put the funds you've raised to work – instead of working to raise more funds.

Getting started is easy!

Step 1

Click Get Started on the Funding Change home page at

Step 2

Double check the 3 Quick Questions:

  • Are you a non-profit organization, school, or charity in Manitoba?
  • Are you looking to run a traditional Split the Pot draw (eg. 50/50 draw) or prize raffle?
  • Did you know that you need to be licensed before you can launch your raffle?

Ready? Click Let’s Go

Step 3

Create a free Funding Change account and click Sign Up

Step 4

From your ALL in One Dashboard click “Create a Raffle and Organization” and follow the form provided. Fill out all the required information on the Create Your Raffle page. Don’t worry about it being perfect, it can always be changed later. You are simply creating a draft version of your raffle.

Remember that Prize draws have set cash prizes or other prizes to be won. In a Split the Pot draw, winners get a set percentage of the ticket sales as their prize. Or you can choose a combination of both!

Learn about seeding or guaranteeing the pot or consider adding an early bird draw ( even to a 50/50 draw!) to help get sales off to a great start.

In a Progressive Jackpot Raffle the raffle can span a longer period of time where people can win weekly, bi-weekly or monthly mini-pot prizes AND the jackpot, which grows bigger and bigger until the final draw. Sales are split between the mini-pots and the final jackpot and every ticket purchased before a mini pot draw has a chance at that pot AND the jackpot.

Step 5

Name your raffle and set the beginning and end dates, as well as your draw date.

Set the number of tickets and your ticket price. People love a deal! Offering a discounted rate for multiple tickets will increase your sales.

Step 6

Enter your draw location and contact information.

Every ticket purchaser has the right to witness your draw, so your draw location will be published on your raffle ticket receipt. We will not publish your phone number. Funding Change needs it in order to contact the draw organizer should an issue or delay arise. Please ensure it is a number where the draw organizer can be reached at the time of the draw.

Step 7

Add team members who will help you with the raffle. Another Administrator or Auditor will be able to help set up, edit or draw for your raffle, Auditors can access reports and a Designer can help make the raffle look great, but won’t be able to edit your core raffle details. You can also add Sales Supervisors and Sellers to help you sell tickets.

It is important that you add at least one other person to your organization’s account as an Administrator or Auditor to meet the conditions of the regulator.

Step 8

Setup and customize your Organization Page. Your Organization Page is a public, searchable web page that houses past and current raffle. Adding your logo to this page automatically adds it to your Raffle Page.

Your raffles are represented and displayed on “Raffle Cards" that contain a link to any active or past raffles your organization has hosted. Visitors to this page have the ability to check back for winners of past raffles, and can also go to your active raffle page to buy tickets and share your raffle.

That's it! You've created a raffle!

Let us know if you have any questions or comments. Reach out to us online, visit our FAQ page or give us a call between 9-5 (CST) Monday to Friday at 204-480-4090.

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