Telling Your Story: Using Facebook to Drive Raffle Sales


Your Facebook page is a great place to share your organization's mission and the goals of your fundraising. Tell the world about your organization in the “About” section and add a banner photo along with your organization's logo for branding. Post information to the page that shows the need for the funds, and how your supporters can help – and don't forget to get your followers excited about their chance to win!

Once your page is in place, send an email to your organization’s contacts inviting them to like your page. These are the people you want to follow you and see your posts. Remember to post interesting and fun content that encourages your fans to click, comment or share your post with others. That's how you'll attract new fans to your page and keep people coming back for more!

Consider using Facebook advertising, which allows you to put a small amount of money towards promoting posts to improve your reach. Even $25 for a “boosted” post can make a difference, especially if you use the tools to target the demographics of your specific audience. Boosted content will appear in the newsfeeds of those who haven’t liked your page yet, helping you gain both fans and sales!

You can also use the page to create a Facebook event for your fundraising campaign’s launch or grand finale draw. Learn how to sell Funding Change raffle tickets in person at an event with this how-to guide.

While you aren’t likely to get thousands of fans over the typical span of a fundraiser, even a few – or few hundred – passionate supporters can make a big difference to your ticket sales.

Use social media to share content, your story, relevant articles, photos, videos and more. Everything you post should be motivating and inspiring and give your audience a chance to participate in the mission of your organization.

Not sure what to post? Consider your audience and appeal to their sense of “What’s in it for me?” Help them feel they belong, entertain and educate them and show them your gratitude for their participation.

Post consistently throughout your campaign. A simple calendar will help you prepare content in advance and schedule it for rollout. This can include updates on the amount of a Share the Pot 50/50, or reminders for how many days are left to buy tickets. Urgency-based messages like “It’s the last day to buy tickets,” or scarcity messaging such as “Tickets are going fast; don’t miss out,” are powerful tools to motivate action but shouldn’t be overused.

Real photographs or video of the people and facilities who will benefit from your fundraiser are an excellent way to personalize your efforts. Share quotes from people within your organization. You might find yourself inspired with a new sense of purpose by focusing on the mission, vision, values and goals of your organization as well!

Go to Sharing Your Raffle for more tips and tricks on how to get the word out using email, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and your organization’s website.

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